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Welcome to my page. My name is Trudy and I'm all about the Magic of Intuitive Tarot reading and the bridge to the Akashic Realm.

I used to be a Police Officer where I kept law and order in the physical realm! Now I am called to work with the laws and order of the Universal Realm.  Imagine my surprise when I realised they were both based on a 3 step process, within Tarot and the Akashic.

1. What has/is happening.
2. What are we/can we do about it.
3. How this can/does impact the future.

Within Tarot there are many different decks, each bringing their own energy to a reading. There are also a number of different spreads which will bring their own energy, making the experience more unique. Yes, I will admit that I have my favourite decks and spreads.

However, I have found that by sticking to the same decks, this can limit the energy and may not be appropriate for a particular reading or querent.

When I give a reading, it is first influenced by the numbers and pictures found on each card, however, my intuition steps in, making it a unique and accurate experience.


The Akashic Realm: How do I get you there?

We start with a guided meditation. Once there we go to The Library where you will meet your Guide and Record Keeper. Here you can ask for help in healing past traumas, changing ancestral timelines and patterns of behaviour, blocks in relationships, money, negativity, the list goes on. All of this can be as a result of past influences.

Every trip made will be different. Each person that visits the Akashic Realm will feel, hear or see something that is in response to a particular question they ask, making no two visits, even by the same person, the same.