Nickie - Charlton Village - Akashic Visit

Was an absolutely incredible experience! You are an amazing meditative facilitator and I felt so relaxed. I had no experience or expectations of what this would be like but it felt serene, uplifting, and exciting. I can’t wait for another visit now having met my spirit guide  Thank you so much for doing this for me my lovely.

Valerie - Staines - Akashic Visit

Thanks again for today Trudy. I feel so much lighter, energised and peaceful. Been able to see things clearly and realise things aren’t all my fault or I’m to blame. Watching them disappear into the distance in the flow of the current and knowing they couldn’t return against the direction of the water was empowering. You are truly amazing and thanks to my spirit guide and all those around me for helping me see clearly in the end xxx.
Just the beginning of many to come

Anne - Ashford - Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for your great reading Trudy!! It really did resonate with me so well XXX

Anita - Ealing - Tarot Reading
I have just had a reading with Trudy, so inciteful and precise. this reading was so spookily true and your explanations were spot on.
Thank you so much lovely.

Steve - Hastings - Tarot Reading
Thank you for the reading. Will keep you posted on my journey.

Nikki - Hastings - Tarot Reading
Just had an amazing tarot card reading from Trudy. Thanks Hun.
Thanks so much for the reading really made sense.

Claire - Barbados - Tarot Reading
I had a Tarot reading by Zoom. Trudy in the UK and me in Barbados.
Would it work we wondered...
Perfectly as it turned out.
So, the most professional and thought provoking reading I have had in a while (and I have had a few) really made me think and plant my feet again to understand who I am and where I am.
If you want a reading I would thoroughly recommend Trudy. Honest, sensitive and kind.

Andrea - Spain - Tarot Reading
I recently had my Tarot Cards read by Trudy. Well what can I say, she was fantastic! 100% spot on with my past and present and extremely insightful looking towards my future. I would highly recommend her and looking forward to a second reading.

David - Colchester - Tarot Reading
Had an excellent reading experience with Trudy yesterday. She took the time to explain everything. Thank you and good luck with your new venture.

Caron - Staines - Tarot Reading
Had a reading with the Lovely Trudy yesterday. I have always had an interest in it so found it enlightening which I hope will help me make good choices in the future.

Tracey - Stroud - Akashic Visit

I have had two trips to the Akashic records. Trudy was an incredible facilitator. Empathic, supportive without being overly intrusive. I learnt so much about why certain issues had been affecting me so intensely. I really had no idea about what to expect. What I experienced was on another level and it helped me resolve recent difficulties with an entirely different perspective. If you are serious about your soul evolvement I highly recommend. Actually it’s a must!

Leoni - Ashford - Tarot Reading - Akashic Visit

I have a received many tarot readings from my mum and it’s safe to say she hit the nail on the head every time Akashic Record - I’ve been to the Akashic Records twice now and both times I learnt a little more about myself. It opened my eyes to where I was going wrong and helped me find solutions to reoccurring problems, definitely a must have if you have some burning questions you want answered.